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Q: Where do parents go to fill out a rerouting request form?

A: Chippewa Yellow Bus Company.

Q: Why is Chippewa Yellow Bus Company changing to the new rerouting request form plan?

A: This change is to improve students safety, many students transfer buses to unfamiliar staff and location. Today we can never be to safe with our children.

Q:  Can my child ride another bus as long as it is in my child’s school attendance boundary? 

A: Yes, as long as the form is filled out at Chippewa Yellow Bus Company with a 24 hour notice.

Q: What is a Rerouting request form? 

A:  The rerouting request form is a three part color coordinated form. A copy of this form is given to the parents, bus company and school bus driver. Parent/Guardian MUST fill out this form only at the Chippewa Yellow Bus Company. This form is required if your child needs to go somewhere other than home, for example to:  daycare, split custody households, friends house, grandparents, etc. Must require a 24 hour notice and approval by Chippewa Yellow Bus Company. Each family will need to create a consistent weekly schedule for the school year. The Chippewa Yellow Bus Company also has calendars provided.

Q: Can a parent fill out a rerouting request form for a BB4C student?

A: No, a BB4C student can only have ONE drop off and ONE pick-up location and has to be done at the school your child is attending.

Q: Is it allowed for a parent to give a note to a bus driver for a child to go to a sleepover? 

A: No, a parent needs to fill out a rerouting request form to allow the child to go to a different bus with a 24 hour notice.

Q: What time does my child arrive at their school?

A: Elementary School buses arrive to the school between 7:05 am – 7:10 am ( we unload at 7:15 am )

Middle School & High School buses arrive to the school no later than 8:15 am.

Q: Do they have assigned seating on a school bus? 

A: Yes, every school bus is required to have assigned seating. Middle School & High School are separated by schools and Elementary by names or by bus stops.

Q: Do you have cameras on all school buses? 

A: Yes, all buses are equipped with cameras & GPS – we can track any bus on speed, stops, their path, time, breaking & acceleration data.

Q: Can my child bring a skateboard or baseball bat on a bus?

A: Yes, as long as either one is in a bag / backpack.