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Q: Where do parents go to fill out a rerouting request form?

A: Chippewa Yellow Bus Company.

Q: Why is Chippewa Yellow Bus Company changing to the new rerouting request form plan?

A: This change is to improve students safety, many students transfer buses to unfamiliar staff and location. Today we can never be to safe with our children.

Q:  Can my child ride another bus as long as it is in my child’s school attendance boundary? 

A: Yes, as long as the form is filled out at Chippewa Yellow Bus Company with a 24 hour notice.

Q: What is a Rerouting request form? 

A:  The rerouting request form is a three part color coordinated form. A copy of this form is given to the parents, bus company and school bus driver. Parent/Guardian MUST fill out this form only at the Chippewa Yellow Bus Company. This form is required if your child needs to go somewhere other than home, for example to:  daycare, split custody households, friends house, grandparents, etc. Must require a 24 hour notice and approval by Chippewa Yellow Bus Company. Each family will need to create a consistent weekly schedule for the school year. The Chippewa Yellow Bus Company also has calendars provided.

Q: Can a parent fill out a rerouting request form for a BB4C student?

A: No, a BB4C student can only have ONE drop off and ONE pick-up location and has to be done at the school your child is attending.

Q: Is it allowed for a parent to give a note to a bus driver for a child to go to a sleepover? 

A: No, a parent needs to fill out a rerouting request form to allow the child to go to a different bus with a 24 hour notice.

Q: What time does my child arrive at their school?

A: Elementary School buses arrive to the school between 7:15 am – 7:20 am ( we unload at 7:20 am )

Middle School & High School buses arrive to the school no earlier than 8:05 am.

Q: Do they have assigned seating on a school bus? 

A: Yes, every school bus is required to have assigned seating. Middle School toward the front of the bus & High School toward the back of the bus, Elementary is by grade. Kindergarten toward the front and 5th graders toward the back(siblings assigned together). Every row of seats are labeled by a number, Students are assigned by row number as they load the bus.

Q: Do you have cameras on all school buses? 

A: Yes, all buses are equipped with cameras & GPS – we can track any bus on speed, stops, their path, time, breaking & acceleration data.

Q: Can my child bring a skateboard or baseball bat on a bus?

A: Yes, as long as either one is in a bag / backpack.